«The science of the nature and use of data»

In July 1966, the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery published a short letter to the editor by Professor Peter Naur (future Turing award winner). In the letter, Naur proposed the adoption of three new words by the then newborn computer science community:

  • datalogy, the science of the nature and use of data;
  • datamatics, that part of datalogy which deals with the processing of data by automatic means;
  • datamaton, an automatic device for processing data.

The letter continued with the following statament: «In this terminology much of what is now referred to as "data processing" would be datamatics. In many cases this will be a gain in clarity because the new word includes the important aspect of data representations, while the old one does not. Datalogy might be a suitable replacement for "computer science."»

Naur, P. (1966) The Science of Datalogy. Communications of the ACM, 9(7), 485.

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